Forensics Consulting Solutions LLC Partners with Cavo Health

The Next Generation Search Tool for Hospitals, Providers, Insurance Companies, and Academics

Phoenix May12, 2017:  Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC (FCS) is proud to announce that it has partnered with Cavo Health to provide clients with the most comprehensive Risk Adjustment processes available.

Cavo Health is the complete medical record abstracting toolkit for Hospitals, Providers, Insurance Companies, and Academics. This powerful new tool,

FCS and Cavo Health

for retrospective, prospective, and auditing, has the versatility to deploy in the Cloud or behind your Firewall. With your data remaining safely behind your own Firewall, you can unleash the powerful analytics and strategic, cross-stack reports of Cavo Health without worry.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Cavo Health.” Said K.J. Kuchta, Forensics Consulting Solution’s CEO. “This dynamic tool will be a boon to our clients, who have long been searching for a Risk Adjustment process that actually works.”

“FCS brings extraordinary experience in complex project management to every engagement,” said George Witwer, president of Cavo Health. “I am thrilled that FCS has chosen to partner with Cavo Health to bring a new level of comprehensive risk adjustment to health care.”

Witwer notes that collecting medical records is the first step in a complete risk adjustment program. “Over the years, FCS has collected petabytes of sensitive data on six continents. Their expertise in data collection is exactly what’s needed to improve financial performance and patient care through an expanded risk adjustment program powered by Cavo Health.”

Fore more information about Cavo Health, visit their website at